Survey Simulator

The CFEPS Survey Simulator provides user the ability to Simulate the Solar System objects that a particular survey would have detected given an input model.  The CFEPS team uses the Simulator to compare our Characterized Detection list to various model realizations of the solar system.

There are number of ways you could make use of the Simulator.

  • you could create an efficiency file (see the example files in the SurveySimulator tar file) and then pass the CFEPS Synthetic Model through the simulator to see what sort of detections your survey would have given the CFEPS model.
  • you could download the CFEPS characterization files and then run your own model of the outer Solar System through the simulator to see what sorts of KBOs we would have detected given your model.  Comparing these ‘Simulator Detected’ objects to the Characterized Detection could be interesting.
  • You could compare some independent (non-CFEPS) model to your own detections after biasing the model via the SurveySimulator and using efficiency files appropriate for your survey.

To proceed you will need to at least:

And perhaps: